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Who doesn’t know Written Batik? I’m sure everyone knows…

One of the cultural assets owned by Indonesia was even recognized by UNESCO in 2009 as a World Cultural Heritage, guys. October 2, 2009, to be precise. That’s why now every October 2 we commemorate National Batik Day.

So, let’s get to know my village first, called Kampung Batik Tulis Giriloyo, a village with more than 500 batik craftsmen. My village is a written batik village inherited from the Islamic Mataram Palace.

How can that be?

Yups, so in the past, people who could make and use batik were only from the Mataram Palace. But because at the top of Merak Hill the Tomb of the Kings of Imogiri was built by Sultan Agung in 1632 AD, my ancestors as residents around the tomb finally learned how to make batik.

For those of you who will learn to make written batik at our place, this is very possible. You can later take home your written batik work. Besides that, you can have lunch here while supported by a serene natural atmosphere… Uuuuuuu… I’m waiting for your arrival.

Admin ~ Bahtiar Ahmada

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